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Dental Insurance Verification Service Made Easy with DentalRevu


DentalRevu is one of the leading dental insurance verification company ensuring ease of practice to every dental practitioner or clinic.


We have the finest team of insurance professionals, who are experts at assessing and verifying the patient’s insurance coverage prior to their treatment.


We have streamlined procedures and systems that allow us to do this tedious job within no time – without compromising the quality of patient treatment.

Streamline Your Operations with the Best Dental Insurance Verification Provider


Front Desk Optimization

DentalRevu offers cutting-edge dental insurance verification solutions. The incredibly skilled virtual assistants we provide to each customer have mastered the art of handling a majority of your font desk activities flawlessly.


Eligibility Confirmation

Our seasoned specialists relieve you of stress and make dental appointments a breeze. They perform a complete background check and tell both the patient and the dental clinic as to whether or not they are covered by their insurance.


Billing Errors Reduction

Our team of experts assistyou in reducing billing errors as much as possible. Each client’s bill is double-checked, and their information is confirmed to ensure that it is in accordance with their dental insurance coverage.

How Is Outsourcing Dental Insurance Verification Services Beneficial?


From easing your mind off the thoughts of numbers to maximizing your collections from accounts receivables to eradicating patients’ frustration over surprising additional costs – outsourcing your dental insurance verification to DentalRevu can make it all happen with perfection.


We understand how difficult it is to maintain quality patient care while taking care of the insurance verification and stuff at the same time. And so, we have come up with amazingly streamlined processes and a team of top industry professionals.


The combination works incredibly to get your patient’s dental insurance verification managed at the backend – letting you focus on the provision of quality patient care with a stress-free and dedicated mind on the forefront.


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Our Dental Insurance Verification Packages & Pricing

Dynamic Pricing Bundles that Evolve with Your Dental Practice!

$ 700 /month
$ 1,450 /month
$ 1,950 /month
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Suited For Thresholds : Less than 100 Patients Monthly Thresholds : 100 - 200 Patients Monthly Thresholds : 200 - 300 Patients Monthly Thresholds : Higher than 300 Patients Monthly
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Why Choose DentalRevu Verification Services?

Dynamic Pricing Bundles that Evolve with Your Dental Practice!

Don’t Have Time to Talk to Insurance Companies? We Can Deal That Efficiently!

DentalRevu understands how difficult it is to manage communication with insurance companies while you also have to focus on the practice. It impacts both your patient’s satisfaction and even the revenue.
You can either focus on providing quality patient care or expanding your revenue at a time. And because your real job is to provide patients with quality care, DentalRevu brings to you the best dental insurance verifications services in the USA.

With the specialists at DentalRevu handling your patients’ insurance verification and stuff, you can be at peace and focus on your services more. It will enhance the efficiency of your practice and leave a positive impact on your patients at the same time – increasing both the revenue and patient satisfaction.

Your Patients Get Irritated When Charged with Surprise Co-Pay? We Can Brief Them About Their Coverage Already!

Patients often get irritated when charged or notified of a co-pay they didn’t already know about. It happens because of the non-efficient verification of dental insurance plans. It may result in patients feeling frustrated, betrayed, and most importantly, resistant to paying the fees. You lose both your patients and the revenue.

DentalRevu is one of the top dental insurance verification companies in the USA providing absolute verification of your patient’s coverage plan. We have specialists ensuring every patient is informed about the fee that’s covered under their plan as well as the additional cost before they get started with the treatment.

It prevents you from patient dissatisfaction and maximizes your revenue at the same time.

Your Patient’s Coverage Information Is Incorrect? We Can Follow-Up Every Time their Plans Change!

Patients tend to change their dental insurance plans very often and even the providers are likely to update their policies every year. An inadequate check and balance of that information can cause major problems such as the submission of incorrect insurance claims.

DentalRevu is the best dental insurance verification service ensuring each claim gets submitted after fool-proof verification of benefits. We have dedicated individuals whose job is to follow up with each patient and their insurance company about the change in plans and policies over a specified period of time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Dental billing is the procedure by which a clinic or individual practitioner obtains reimbursement from insurance companies. Because it is a complex process that relies on various legal regulations, DentalRevu simplifies the gathering process with streamlined approaches and strategies.

The owner/billing provider and the treating or rendering provider must be included on all claims filed to any dental plan. This is how it will work: The billing company will get the check from your plan. The dentist who took care of you will get paid based on their contract status.

Medical and dental billing may be a difficult procedure, but these difficulties can be resolved. Copays are payments made in advance for services delivered by caregivers. If practitioners do not get the whole amount up front, they may have issues collecting the remainder of the patient’s payment.

Standard dental procedures will almost always be invoiced to dental insurance carriers. A few extra processes and particular coding are often required for medical insurance claims in order to assure prompt payment.

To assist dental practices in better understanding why they should opt for a dental claims processing company like DentalRevu, here are five benefits they should know about: 1. Increased revenue, 2. Higher case acceptance, 3. Treat more patients, 4. Keep your practice healthy, 5. Quick Submission of All Claims.

Dental coders analyze clinical documentation to verify that all billable services provided by the dentist are allocated appropriate CDT®, CPT®, ICD-10-CM, and HCPCS Level II codes. Meanwhile, Dental billers are in charge of generating claims based on the codes supplied.

When it comes to the Code on Dental Procedures and Nomenclature, better known as the CDT Code, there are a total of 760 unique Dental Codes, according to the ADA’s Dental Codes List.

Using the right dental treatment code is crucial, but it may be difficult. While medical coding is based on Current Procedural Terminology (CPT), dental billing codes are based on Current Dental Terminology (CDT).

The cost of DentalRevu billing services varies depending on the number of patients you deal with each month. On an average, the prices start from $1200 a month.

Our services are considerably more qualitative for the costs we charge, bearing in mind that one of their key purposes is to boost your revenue.

We have plans for every business size, including startups, intermediate, and advanced. However, we can always create a unique price plan based on your demands and specifications.

Yes, we offer full-service dental billing solutions, including the management of deposits and payments simultaneously. Our professionals have access to the insurance claims, patient’s ledger, and accounts receivable, but they’ll never be managing your money at any point in time.


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