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Stop dwelling between the never-ending loops of increasing accounts receivables and long-due collections. Get your operations streamlined by hiring DentalRevu.

We offer full-scale billing services with all the top industry professionals onboard and have a knack for providing quality services with proven strategies at hand.

Once hired, DentalRevu guarantees streamlined backend operations at your dental clinic, which contribute to peace of mind and increased time/monetary savings.

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One-Stop Solution For All Your Dental Billing Needs

DentalRevu offers a complete suite of billing services, including solutions to every billing problem a dental clinic or individual practitioner could encounter. Our tech-driven, future-focused solutions help you save time, earn more money, and feel less stressed.

Here’s What Makes DentalRevu the No.1 Choice for Dentists


Dedicated Professionals

Each dental clinic or practitioner we onboard is allocated a dedicated team of dental billing professionals – all focused on providing the best billing solutions at the ease of a few clicks.


Guaranteed Data Privacy

We provide 100% privacy of your data and patients’ records via 256-bit SSL/TLS encryption, and meets the standards of Privacy, Security, and Breach Notification Rules of HIPAA.


Flexible Pricing

DentalRevu offers a range of pricing plans which are super affordable based on the quality of services we provide. You can also get a customized pricing plan based on your specified needs.

Maximize Cash Flows with Efficient Billing Solutions

DentalRevu has created effective strategies for seamless billing and collections over years of aiding hundreds of dental practitioners. The virtual assistants we designate to our clients can do everything from validating your patients’ insurance plans, streamlining collections to smart scheduling, bookkeeping, and on-the-go digital marketing!

Most importantly, we’re aware that our clients require the utmost level of security and privacy regarding their data. For their peace of mind, we protect all patients’ records and clinic information with 256-Bit SSL/TLS encryption and meet all standards of the Privacy, Security, and Breach Notification Rules of HIPAA.

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Why Choose DentalRevu and Not Some XYZ Company?

DentalRevu is a premier billing company created by and for practicing dentists. We make back-end operations simple so you can focus on providing high-quality patient care.


We ensure reliable outcomes that are backed with the esteemed efforts of dental professionals.



We understand the dental industry closely, so we ensure quality outcomes in alignment with insurance laws.



We have established proven methods and strategies to bring your guaranteed results within no time.



We are HIPAA Certified; meaning client and patient data is kept extremely secure and private.

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