D2740: Crown – Porcelain/Ceramic

As explained by the experts at DentalRevu, A CAD/CAM porcelain/ceramic crown restoration milled from a Vita®/Procad® block and a zirconium crown would be reported using the D2740 dental code. When evaluating a dental claim, dental insurance companies will refer to the patient plan’s limitations and exclusions.

Dental PPO insurance will reimburse for porcelain/ceramic crown placement in the aesthetic zone (anterior region of the mouth). If the PPO plan covers an additional benefit, like as a PFM, you can only charge the patient the difference between the contract rate for ceramic and the paid rate if you are in-network.

What are the Warnings of the D2740 Dental Code?

  • Reporting a crown placed on a normal tooth is deceptive if the restoration is an implant supported or abutment supported crown.
  • Reporting retainer crowns of a fixed bridge as a single crown(s) in order to earn a bigger reimbursement is deceptive.
  • (A single unit crown can be reimbursed at 80% of the UCR fee, while a retainer crown can be refunded at 50% of the UCR fee.)

Please Note: Vita®, Lava Ultimate®, ProCad®, Empress®, Procera®, InCeram®, Lava®, Finesse®, Cerinate®, Zirconia®, BruxZir®, Opc®, and e-max® are examples of porcelain materials.

What are the Limitations of the D2740 Dental Code?

  • Facial veneers should not be referred to as a porcelain/ceramic crown (D2740).
  • The majority of payers have an age restriction exclusion. They will not pay for a permanent crown unless the patient is between the ages of 12 and 13.
  • If the patient is under the age of 18, always check to see if there is an age used exclusion before beginning therapy.
  • The plan may limit reimbursement for crown replacement, which can range from five to ten years after the last placement.
  • The trend is approaching ten years. This replacement exclusion may be overridden if there is a trauma that necessitates a new crown.
  • As an alternative benefit, D2740 may be reimbursed as a porcelain fused to metal crown or a gold metal crown.
  • The material (porcelain/ceramic) utilised for the restoration should be accurately reflected in the code used to register the restoration.
  • The material used should be consistent with what is documented in the insurance claim form, treatment plan, clinical note, or lab slip.
A Porcelain or Ceramic Crown (D2740)

A porcelain/ceramic crown (D2740) Source: Practice Booster

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