Dental Insurance Verification process  Be sure you know how a patient plan to pay for dental care before beginning treatment. You should expect to file dental insurance claims for patients. The front desk will have more work to do, but insurance verification will decrease collection issues. The first and most crucial part of Dental billing and coding is verifying patient coverage with insurance companies. Validating coverage, benefits, co-payments, and deductibles are more important than ever in today’s constantly evolving, ever-more-complex healthcare system. This highlights the need for Dental care providers to have a firm grasp of the insurance verification procedure.


Insurance verification involves phoning the company to see if a patient is insured for Dental service that isn’t reimbursed by insurance. Moreover, before receiving Dental care, patients must have their insurance details verified. If you don’t, you risk having an insurance company reject your claim or a patient having to pay for your mistakes out of pocket.


Dental Insurance Verification process

Dental billing routinely skips insurance verification and pre-authorization. Despite their promise to boost productivity, reduce debt, and make patients happier.

Benefits Cash Flow

Thorough dental insurance verification process reduces billing cycles and increases claim approvals. Organizations in the healthcare industry run the risk of claim rejections, denials, and bad debt due to insufficient verification of eligibility and plan-specific benefits.

Reduces the Number of Claims That Are Denied

Insurers are less inclined to decline claims for pre-approved treatments or equipment. Failure to keep up with the ever-evolving regulatory standards might result in denied claims, incorrect invoicing, and payment delays since insurance information are always evolving. Healthcare professionals have a responsibility to be on the lookout for potential fraud and check the member’s insurance status each time they offer care.

Raises the Level of Contentment Among Patients.
Nine out of ten customers want to know what they’re responsible for paying before making a purchase. To make sure the surgery or services are covered by the patient’s health insurance, it is vital to contact the insurance company in advance. If the insurance verification or claim filing procedure goes awry, a patient’s financial stability, peace of mind, and contentment might be at risk. Patients pay for all services. This is not only harmful to the patients but also the Dental profession as a whole.

A HIPAA-compliant third party may manage Dental billing, relieving your overloaded staff. Quicker clearance and permission from a Dental billing service lets you focus on providing value-based treatment, which in turn boosts your practice’s bottom line.

Dental Revu is a leader in the field of dental billing solution development, with products that streamline and improve processes like insurance verification. You should tell us about the issues you’re having. Is the level of denial you encounter high? Not to worry; we’re here to offer assistance.


Insurance eligibility can be verified via phone, fax, insurance company websites, or third-party services like eCentral. Some clinics have enough people working at the front desk to do an in-depth eligibility check. A demanding procedure’s expenses may outweigh its advantages. There are two insurance verification models available; select the one that works best for your business.


Complete and accurate verification is possible with the use of this model of verification. You’ll have to verify the patient’s eligibility for all benefits and record that information in your practice management system. This will result in a treatment plan that is more accurately reflective of the patient’s financial obligation. We recommend that your staff use this platform to gather patient insurance details and confirm coverage and benefits in advance of the scheduled visit. The following facts and figures need to be gathered:

Identification information about the patient (including birth date)
Primary Insured’s Full Name
The primary insured’s Social Security number
An identifier for the insurance company
Number of members in the group
Get the insurance company’s contact details, such as their phone number, website, and mailing address. We acknowledge that this method is the most precise, but it is also the most laborious. We also understand that information confirmed over the phone by an insurance agent may be inaccurate. You can trust the information you’ve received, but it doesn’t guarantee payment. Patient pays final Dental charge.

Get in touch with the Dental Revu to get a fillable version of the Comprehensive Verification Form.


Insurance verification calls can be avoided or kept to a minimum if you so want. You will generate estimates based on data gleaned from insurance provider websites and faxes. The time-consuming benefits verification procedure is avoided in favor of applying broad estimate parameters. It is necessary to use practice management software to generate estimations from eligibility data. If the patient’s balance is projected to be greater than anticipated, it’s best to overestimate so that disagreements don’t arise.

Your front desk staff has to make it clear to patients that the treatment plan estimates are just that—estimates—and that they are responsible for paying the portion of the bill not covered by insurance. This method saves time while still giving the patient a rough idea of what to expect. This streamlined, quicker eligibility verification approach should be used to pre-determine compensation for bigger situations. You may get a fillable copy of the Quick Verification Form by contacting the Dental Revu.


Claims and billing can go more smoothly if patients’ personal information and insurance coverage are gathered and verified systematically. You have a responsibility to your patients to inform them about the limitations of their dental insurance and to reassure them that you will do all in your power to assist them in getting the care they require, regardless of their insurance situation. You may rely on the Dental Revu to assist you in developing a verification procedure and protocol that is suitable for your practice’s needs.