Use the top dental billing services to simplify your billing-related issues. In order to help you resolve billing challenges and generate outstanding earnings, DentalRevu, a top dental billing company, employs the best tactics and procedures.

Our primary objective is to assist your office in collecting any insurance funds that are due to you. This necessitates our involvement in some parts of your insurance claim processing to keep your insurance account balances over ninety (90) days to a bare minimum.

The Dental Billing Brand Promise

DentalRevu offers a full-service dental billing solution whose primary focus is to grow your account receivables with an efficient management system at hand.
From ensuring all your insurance claims get processed to collecting all the money you own, you can trust us to do everything with perfection!
  • 100% of what is owed to you will be collected.
  • We submit clean claims for payment within 1 business day.
  • We post all payments to patient ledgers in a single day.
  • We reduce your insurance premiums from 90 percent to 0 percent (and keep it there).
  • We follow up on all claims that have been aging for 30 days or more at least once every 10 business days.

How Does the Dental Billing Process Work?

Patient Data Entry

As soon as a patient registers at your clinic, we enter their information into the electronic billing software and a claim is generated.

Claim Verification

Each aspect of the patient’s information is reviewed. We make sure none of the claims get processed without verification.

Claim Submission

As soon as the claims are satisfied, we process them for submission to the respective insurance companies.

Payment Posting

Once the payment has been received by the insurance company, the team immediately posts it into the patient’s ledger.