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Dental Billing Service

Simplify your dental billing problems by putting the best dental billing services into action. DentalRevu is a leading dental billing firm that utilizes the best strategies and practices to assist you in resolving billing issues and achieving outstanding earnings.

Our primary objective is to assist your office in collecting any insurance funds that are due to you. This necessitates our involvement in some parts of your insurance claim processing to keep your insurance account balances over ninety (90) days to a bare minimum.

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The Dental Billing Brand Promise

DentalRevu offers a full-service dental billing solution whose primary focus is to grow your account receivables with an efficient management system at hand.
From ensuring all your insurance claims get processed to collecting all the money you own, you can trust us to do everything with perfection!
  • 100% of what is owed to you will be collected.
  • We submit clean claims for payment within 1 business day.
  • We post all payments to patient ledgers in a single day.
  • We reduce your insurance premiums from 90 percent to 0 percent (and keep it there).
  • We follow up on all claims that have been aging for 30 days or more at least once every 10 business days.

All Features of the Dental Billing Service


Efficient EOB Posting

Within twenty-four hours of the EOB being scanned at your clinic, our team ensures that each insurance payment or adjustment is posted to the respected patients’ ledger. We recommend depositing cheques the next day to ensure they cover the entire day’s payments. Our daily EOB posting service’s principal purpose is to put your daily deposits into balance with the daily posted ledger.


Process Verification

DentalRevu offers a staff of experts committed to verifying the creation of each insurance claim. They ensure that each claim is created in a timely manner and contains all of the necessary information, allowing the oversight to be corrected and your accounts receivables to run smoothly.


Quick Electronic Submission of all Insurance Claims

We guarantee that all of your billing claims are sent to reputable insurance carriers in a timely and effective manner. We send each claim, whether main or secondary, electronically to assure accuracy. We cooperate with your existing electronic claim systems and can also assist you in setting one up if you have been dealing with claims manually up to this point at no additional cost.


Electronic Attachments

We always send claims to insurance companies electronically since it is preferable to use electronic attachments for efficient dental billing. To avoid mistakes and inconvenience, these attachments are inspected and validated before being sent. We can process a paper attachment via mail if an insurance provider does not accept electronic attachments.


Denied Claims Review

There is almost no likelihood of claims being denied because we ensure that every claim is reviewed before processing. However, if a claim is still refused, we have a separate team committed to quickly and efficiently examining disputed claims. They jump right into the procedure, examine the reason for the denial, and file an appeal — whenever possible.


Recollection of Missing Information

DentalRevu is your premium dental billing partner, with personnel dedicated to recovering all missing information from your patients before any claim is processed and delivered to the insurance company. When the team examining claims discovers missing information, they refer the case to experts to recover the missing data.

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How Does the Dental Billing Process Work?

Patient Data Entry

As soon as a patient registers at your clinic, we enter their information into the electronic billing software and a claim is generated.

Claim Verification

Each aspect of the patient’s information is reviewed. We make sure none of the claims get processed without verification.

Claim Submission

As soon as the claims are satisfied, we process them for submission to the respective insurance companies.

Payment Posting

Once the payment has been received by the insurance company, the team immediately posts it into the patient’s ledger.

Our Dental Billing Pricing Packages

Depending on how many patients you serve monthly, the amount of effort required to process claims, submit EOBs, challenge denied claims, and maintain your over ninety days insurance accounts receivables to a minimum varies. The fees for this insurance accounts receivables service are dependent on the amount of money collected from insurance. All offices must adhere to the following payment schedule:
$ 600 /month
$ 999 /month
$ 1500 /month
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Suited For Ideal for dental offices with insurance collections Up to $40,000 per month. Ideal for dental offices with insurance collections between $40,000 &$100,000 per month. Ideal for dental offices with insurance collections between $100,000 and $150,000 per month. Ideal for dental offices with insurance collections over $150,000 plus per month.
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Dental billing is the procedure by which a clinic or individual practitioner obtains reimbursement from insurance companies. Because it is a complex process that relies on various legal regulations, DentalRevu simplifies the gathering process with streamlined approaches and strategies.

Yes, dental billing could be a complex and difficult process at times. However, the challenges such as claim rejections and delay in reimbursements could be resolved when you hire the right dental billing service.

The dental billing process we follow is simple and adaptive. It includes the following basic steps:

  • Patient Data Entry
  • Claim Verification
  • Claim Submission
  • Payment Posting
  • Follow-Up Calling
  • Denied Claim Investigation

Since dental billing is a complex process, most clinics and practitioners struggle to get it right and lose hard-earned cash as a result. Hiring a professional dental billing business, like DentalRevu, could provide you with a significant ROI by guiding you through this complex procedure.

No, you do not need to modify your current system or software. DentalRevu offers adaptable billing services that work with any dental administration system.

A dental claim is a formal payment request that we send to your respective insurance companies based on the information provided by the patient. It enables you to recover your accounts receivables in a timely manner.

No, it’s not. We offer dental billing services on a month-to-month basis only.

Yes, we provide other services as well. They include verification of benefits, comprehensive scheduling, dental accounting and bookkeeping, and digital marketing on top.

The cost of our dental billing services varies by business, ranging from $600/month to $ 1500/month, based on the number of patients a clinic sees or their expected accounts receivables.

Our services are considerably more qualitative for the costs we charge, bearing in mind that one of their key purposes is to boost your revenue.

We have plans for every business size, including startups, intermediate, and advanced. However, we can always create a unique price plan based on your demands and specifications.

Yes, we offer full-service dental billing solutions, including the management of deposits and payments simultaneously. Our professionals have access to the insurance claims, patient’s ledger, and accounts receivable, but they’ll never be managing your money at any point in time.


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