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Despite having a wonderful location, an experienced and skilled dental team, ample equipment, and hard earned licenses and certifications, your daily patient numbers are not where you would like them to be?

Many dental practices are unaware that they are lacking tech-savviness as well as a sophisticated software solutions to power their patient acquisition efforts. Your clinic’s approach for gaining new patients online must now include more than just having a nice-looking website.

This is where DentalRevu’s high-quality marketing and advertising services for dental clinics come in. We are HIPAA compliant, understand all of the problems that practitioners encounter, and promise an increase in ROI by implementing the best digital marketing tactics.

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Potential Dental Patients are Often Classified into One of Four Groups


Our Exciting Digital Marketing Services for Dental Clinic

A prospective patient's first impression of your practice is formed through your website. Make the most of it! We ensure that your website is easy to use and effective in converting website traffic into actual patients.
Increase your patient acquisition and clinic reputation with search engine optimization (SEO) techniques designed by SEO professionals with over ten years of experience. See for yourself the instant and tangible results.
You can target your patients based on certain areas, demographics, interests, and other factors. Make use of your social network to identify patients in your neighborhood who are likely to require your services in the near or immediate future.
Patients who are looking for your services online should be targeted. More and more patients are starting their search for a dentist online. To bring these patients into your office, we use Google Ads and Facebook ads.
Keep your patients reading, and they'll return! Content marketing keeps your practice in front of all of your patients. It all comes down to the frequency with which you post content.
Enhance your website's technology to rank high in terms of Google's search quality guidelines i.e. page speed score, core web vitals, and page experience.

Reach Your Patients Where They Mostly Exist – The Digital World

With digitalization sweeping the globe, 97% of US families search for the items and services they require online. As a dentist working in this ultra-digitalized environment, you cannot afford to ignore these statistics.

It’s time to reach out to your patients where they are most likely to be found – the digital realm. Contact DentalRevu today to acquire the best digital marketing services for dentists and promote your practice like never before!

Frequently Asked Questions

The digital marketing services we provide for dentists include Web Design & Development, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Marketing, Pay-Per-Click (PPC), Content Marketing, and Website Optimization. Each service we provide is primarily focused on maximizing your ROI.

Strategy & Planning: As soon as you’ve agreed to a transaction, we work with your brand’s representative to develop your strategy. We start by creating a framework based on the information and objectives you provide, which includes all of the goals, methods for achieving them, and essential performance measures.

Execution: We’ll begin execution as soon as the strategy has been developed and approved by you. Whether the campaign focuses around creating a full website, performing SEO and PPC, or focusing on one of these areas – we have mastered the art of arranging each procedure quickly and meeting all the KPIs.

Tracking & Monitoring: Our digital marketing services for dentists do not stop with campaign execution. Instead, we continue to monitor performance over time and make changes as needed.

Analysis & Reporting: We have a dedicated team focused on assessing KPIs as a campaign is performed and begins to produce results. They provide daily, weekly, and monthly insights into the KPIs and assist in determining whether or not the established targets are being met.

In today’s world, digital marketing is critical for dentists because it is where the majority of potential patients may be found. It assists you in raising brand awareness, attracting potential leads, and converting them into loyal patients, all of which contribute to the maximization of your ROI.

The pricing of our dentist digital marketing services varies depending on the demands and requirements of the business.

Our services are considerably more qualitative for the costs we charge, bearing in mind that one of their key purposes is to boost your revenue.

We have set bundles and pricing for each business type. You can, however, always request a customized price plan based on your needs.

Digital marketing is a never-ending process. The results of digital advertising provide a more significant and long-term ROI. It typically takes up to 60 days to properly establish and execute a successful digital campaign; however, this time frame may differ from business to business based on their demands and objectives.

Here’s why choosing DentalRevu for your digital marketing is the best option:

Quicker Turnarounds: We provide the quickest digital marketing services for dentists in town with an extended team of digital experts on board and the finest technology at hand.

Increased ROI: Each of the services we provide is strategized and executed with the core objective of increasing your ROI.

100% Transparency: We keep each of our clients in the loop and make sure every step in building their digital presence remains 100% transparent with them all the time.

Collaborative Work Ethic: We have a collaborative work ethic incorporated in our culture where every team member works in collaboration with the others.

Guaranteed Outcomes: Each digital expert working in our team is a top industry professional who works with the core objective of driving guaranteed outcomes.

With an estimated 200,000 registered dentists in the United States, it’s always challenging to capture your fair portion of earnings without the proper marketing and exposure.

DentalRevu is one of the leading digital marketing firms for dentists. With a team of top industry digital marketing professionals onboard and a decade of expertise offering digital marketing solutions for dentists.

With a team of top industry digital marketing professionals onboard and a decade of expertise offering digital marketing solutions for dentists.

No, it is not. We offer digital marketing services for dentists on a month-to-month basis only.

Yes, we are a dedicated digital marketing agency for dentists with a wide portfolio and experience of serving top-performing dental practitioners from the industry.


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