Dental Insurance Verification

With superior practices and failsafe dental insurance verification, get rid of all your patients’ frustrations and increase their satisfaction.

DentalRevu is a leading provider of dental insurance verification services, utilizing the most advanced technologies to to alleviate the burden on both you and your patients.

We have on board the greatest industry professionals who are intimately familiar with your challenges and are well-versed in the best approaches to solve them!

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Dental Insurance Verification Made Easy with DentalRevu

DentalRevu is one of the leading dental insurance verification company ensuring ease of practice to every dental practitioner or clinic.

We have the finest team of insurance professionals, who are experts at assessing and verifying the patient’s insurance coverage prior to their treatment.

We have streamlined procedures and systems that allow us to do this tedious job within no time – without compromising the quality of patient treatment.


Streamline Your Operations with the Best Dental Insurance Verification Provider


Front Desk Optimization

DentalRevu offers cutting-edge dental insurance verification solutions. The incredibly skilled virtual assistants we provide to each customer have mastered the art of handling a majority of your font desk activities flawlessly.


Eligibility Confirmation

Our seasoned specialists relieve you of stress and make dental appointments a breeze. They perform a complete background check and tell both the patient and the dental clinic as to whether or not they are covered by their insurance.


Billing Errors Reduction

Our team of experts assistyou in reducing billing errors as much as possible. Each client’s bill is double-checked, and their information is confirmed to ensure that it is in accordance with their dental insurance coverage.

Our Dental Insurance Verification Packages & Pricing

Dynamic Pricing Bundles that Evolve with Your Dental Practice!
$ 500 /month
$ 700 /month
$ 1000 /month
Suited For Thresholds : Upto 15 Patients a Day Thresholds : 16 - 25 Patients Per Day Thresholds : 26 - 40 Patients Per Day
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Yes, dental insurance verification is crucial for growing practices. It can assist you in submitting error-free insurance claims, increasing your collections from accounts receivables, and enhancing patient satisfaction, all at the same time.

When the insurance verification paperwork is returned from the respective insurance company, the patient’s eligibility is established.

Yes, verifying dental insurance can be a complicated and time-consuming process at times. It entails calling each patient and enquiring about their insurance plans, followed by double-checking the information provided with their respective insurance companies

If a loop is discovered during verification, the entire procedure must be restarted, which consumes a significant amount of time and energy. Because the entire process is tough for a dental clinic or individual practitioner to undertake, it is usually a good idea to outsource dental insurance verification.

The following information is required to fill a Dental Insurance Verification form:

  • Patient’s Name
  • SSN
  • Birthdate
  • Name of the Insured Person
  • ID Number
  • Insurance Carrier
  • Group No.
  • Insurance Company Details

No, you do not need to modify your current system or software. DentalRevu offers adaptable insurance verification services that work with any dental administration system.

Yes, DentalRevu prides itself on offering a range of services for handling the front desk of dental practitioners. These include dental billing, comprehensive scheduling, dental accounting and bookkeeping, and even digital marketing.

No, it is not. We offer dental insurance verification services on a month-to-month basis only.

Here’s how DentalRevu handles the dental verification process efficiently:

  • We collect patients' insurance information from your system using an online dental insurance verification form.
  • One of our specialized agents will contact the insurance carrier to confirm that the existing information about the patient's insurance coverage is correct and to record any updates or changes – if any are made.
  • If there is a change in the coverage discovered, our agents contact the insurance carrier to confirm if the patient still qualifies for the benefit they require for the recommended treatment at your dental clinic.
  • We also have team members that are dedicated to cross-checking and updating your patient's record. They guarantee that all information is properly included into the system and that every change or update is properly integrated in order to minimize errors in billing claims.

The cost of our dental insurance verification services varies by business, ranging from $500 to $1000 per month, based on the number of patients a clinic sees each month.

Our services are considerably more qualitative for the costs we charge, bearing in mind that one of their key purposes is to boost your revenue.

We have plans for every business size, including startups, intermediate, and advanced. However, we can always create a unique price plan depending on your specific demands and specifications.

Yes, insurance verification form states the overall patient’s coverage and benefits in detail.


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